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Dave Rude Band's unabashed, uncompromising, highly melodic hard rock sound is both unique and instantly recognizable--a modern take on the classic rock influences the band grew up on.  In 2005 Dave Rude decided to start a solo project as a singer/guitarist, but as soon as he hooked up with bassist Marco Guzman and drummer Josh Schmidt, things gelled so well that it quickly solidified into a permanent band. 


Some may recognize lead singer/guitarist, Dave Rude, as multi-platinum rock band Tesla's newest guitar hero.  When they randomly came across the Dave Rude Band MYSPACE page, they were so impressed they offered him the job in early '06 and he is still a member today.  Bassist, Marco Guzman, moved to the US from Peru to pursue a career in rock'n'roll and brings a distinctly Latin groove to his fuzzed-out, Aerosmith-cum-Rage Against The Machine-style basslines.  And drummer Josh Schmidt started out touring and recording in punk bands in the SF Bay Area before branching out into jazz and Latin rhythms around the time he joined DRB--always giving the band a unique, pounding, yet danceable groove.  Together the power trio create a powerful sound both onstage and on record that is truly their own.  


"Carry Me Home" is the band's brand new CD and its sound has been described as Shinedown doing shots with Buckcherry at a Kings Of Leon afterparty.  Track 1, "Fallin' Down", is a fast-paced rocker with a super melodic chorus harmony that is an explosive opening to the band's live shows--it was also nominated for best Hard Rock/Metal Song @ the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards, and was included in the documentary feature film "Runnin' With Demons".  Track 2, "Carry Me Home", is where the KOL influence comes out with a sparse, bass driven verse and lush chorus with a heartfelt vocal hook that won't leave your head from the minute you first hear it.  DRB puts their musical diversity in the spotlight with their seamless transition into Track 4, "Dumb", --a huge power ballad with major mass appeal.  The CD started out as a live-in-the-studio demo but had such a great vibe that they decided to add a few overdubs, give it a good mix, and release it.  One listen and you'll be glad they did.

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